The Self-Audit (SA)

The Self-Audit (SA) is an adult (male or female) evidence based, counseling or treatment intake test. The Self-Audit (SA) can also be used in adult probation sittings.

The SA consists of 160 items and takes 30 to 35 minutes to complete. It can be administered individually or in group testing sittings.

Cinque Terre

When dealing with clients, patients and offenders it is important to accurately assess their problems and needs. The Self-Audit (SA) helps clients (patients/offenders) understand their life situations, adjustment problems and stress management skills. Early problem identification facilitates faster intervention and treatment, when warranted. At one sitting of approximately 30 minutes, staff can acquire a vast amount of patient/offender information that can influence subsequent intervention, counseling or treatment decisions.

All SA scales (domains) have alpha coefficients above the professionally accepted standard of .75 and are highly reliable. Early studies used criterion measures and were validated with polygraph exams, other tests and test-related research. Behavior Data Systems, Ltd. (BDS). Test-related research is summarized on its research website